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We offer digital solutions for the manufactured housing industry.

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3. Sell more homes!!!!

What Our clients say...

We have years of experience with top manufactured housing professionals. Contact us today and let us help you achieve more success at your home sales center.

Jason Gambrell

Founder, Red Rock Home Center

Everyone's loving our new website and branding! I've got more leads than I can count, and houses are leaving the all week long. We couldn't be happier and business is great

Heather Collins

Sales Manager, S&M Home Sales

We've never been this busy. We've sold more homes than we ever have, and it's hard to keep up with all the traffic we see.

The country's top manufactured home retailers work with Bild Media.

We Help You Be More Digital

The world is changing. For many, it can feel like it’s changing faster than they can keep up with. We’re seeing more change on the digital side of manufactured housing than we ever have. That is where we come in.

Bild Media is a digital marketing agency for the manufactured housing industry. MH is all we do. Whether you’re a new, mom and pop retailer looking to sell more homes, or a large, enterprise dealer looking to scale and automate your business, we can help. 

We are the premier ad agency in the manufactured housing industry, and we can help you out-sell, out-perform, and out-do your competition.

Why work with us?

Decades of Experience

Our team has decades of experience in the manufactured housing industry. Our experience will help you succeed.

Technology Driven

Technology is changing is faster than we've ever seen. We can help you leverage that technology to sell more homes.

A Dedicated Team

Our team has a wide variety of backgrounds, and can provide you with industry leading insight and advice.

so...what do we do?

Mobile Home Dealer Websites

Lead Generation

A website is a business’s digital store front. It’s the first think customers see when they find you online, and it needs to look great. Our webs

Social Media

It’s the most common form of media in the US, and you need to be on there. We help retailers get their business on social media and interact with customers.

Google Advertising

Want to sell more homes? Advertise on Google. It’s the most popular website on the internet, and your customers are there.

Customer Experience

A website is a business’s digital store front. It’s the first think customers see when they find you online, and it needs to look great. Our webs

Branding and Design

Logos, slogans, colors, etc…your brand is your image and it tells your story to the world. We can help make sure it’s a good one.


If you’re no one’s finding you on Google, no one is finding you. Our SEO experts can help make sure you’re at the top of the Google rankings.

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