What we do

The Manufactured Housing Industry creates an incredible product. From the manufacturer, to the retail, to the lender, and the insurance companies, our products are the best housing solution for many Americans. Our homes are affordable, well built, energy efficient, and look great. At Bild Media, we specialize in helping those in the manufactured housing industry tell their market about how great their product. Whether you’re a lender, retailer, builder, or any other member of our industry, you have a product that will help consumers in your market. Let us help you tell the world how you can help them.

The short answer? We can help you sell more.

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Why Choose Us?

There are TONS of marketing agencies out there, and we want to earn your business.


Decades of Industry Experience

This isn’t our first rodeo, and you’re not our test subjects. We know marketing, and we know manufactured housing. Our team of experts knows the business inside and out. Let us help you sell more.


Satisfied Customers Nationwide

From WV to TX and CA to NY, we have happy customers all over the entire country. Whether it’s a small, 1 lot business that needs a website, or a multi state retailer that needs more leads, we have a solution.


Dedicated to Manufactured Housing

We ONLY work with manufactured housing clients, so we know the business. We know what works, and what doesn’t. Don’t pay a marketing agency to learn the business, work with us so we can help you sell more from day 1.

"Everyone's loving our new website! We couldn't be happier and business is great."
Jason Gambrell
Owner, Red Rock Homes