“Why should I advertise my homes in the digital space?”

Great question. Many of you have been advertising in the more traditional methods for years, and it can be hard to leave behind something that has worked so well for decades. However, ‘the times are a’ changing’ and digital advertising is one of the best tools to help you sell more homes.

Read on for 3 reasons why we think digital is the best bet for your sales center.


This is huge. When you advertise digitally, whether it’s social media, google ads, Amazon, etc., you can target your customers. This means that only your potential customers, people you define, would see your ad. This targeting can be based on geography, age, interests, browsing history, or more than likely, a combination of all of the above and more.

Compare that to placing the best looking billboard on the busiest highway in your town. Sure, it looks good and a lot of people will see it, but are the right people seeing it? You’re paying a premium to have a billboard in a prominent location, but how do you know your potential buyers are even driving down that road?

That’s where digital targeting is so powerful. The only people that see your ads are the ones that you want to see it.


If targeting is huge, analysis is huger (bigger?). The digital world is full of data – bursting full. And if you know to use and analyze that data, your marketing campaigns will squash the competition.

When you run an ad, whether on Facebook, Google, or another platform, the platform will provide you with endless performance data related to that ad. Views, clicks, impressions, engagement, etc. can all be accessed and used to improve the ad.

And, to use the example from above, you would get none of that with a billboard. Do you know how many people saw a billboard on Saturday, and how many of those made an appointment to tour a home on Monday? Nope, but you can do just that with ads in the digital space. You can see what’s working and use the data to make it work even better.


So what do you do once you’ve analyze the data? You adapt. You change photos, ad copy, videos, targeting, etc. to improve the ad’s performance. Adapting your ads is constant work – seasons change, homes change, and customer needs change and you must adapt with them.

Got an ad that’s getting a lot of views, but not a lot of clicks? Adapt and change the ad copy and add a ‘call to action’ (CTA) that encourages the customer to do something. Or maybe you have an ad that’s getting great engagement, but you aren’t spending much on it. Up the ad spend so more people see it, and then watch the sales roll in.

Let’s go back to our billboard. If you had a billboard that wasn’t performing, could you click a couple buttons and change it? Of course not. You’d have to hire a new designer, get it printed, and then send some poor soul up the ladder to put the new image up.

And if it was a great billboard, but not enough people were seeing it, could you spend a little more and show it to more people? Nope again. You’d have to have a whole new image printed up and send that same person up the ladder again on the new billboard.

Does this mean that traditional advertising (radio, print, billboards, etc.) is dead? No, not yet. It has its place, especially for large, national brands. But for a manufactured home sales center reaching out to a very specific customer, digital is going to be your best bet.



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