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So you’re ready to get active on Facebook. Awesome! 75% of the population has a Facebook account, so you will definitely find manufactured housing buyers there. Social Media is how most modern businesses communicate with their potential customers, so you’re making the right decision by deciding to get more engaged on the platform.

In this article, we’re going to look at the demographics on Facebook, and how you can create posts that will engage potential manufactured housing customers.

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Facebook Demographics

Mobile Home Dealer Facebook Demographics
Demographics of Facebook users that engage with manufactured housing retailer posts

On Facebook, you have to write for your audience, and knowing your audience means that you know the demographic of who is engaging with manufactured housing posts. To help you, we’ve put together an aggregate report of ALL of the followers on all the pages that we manage. The sample is hundreds of thousands of users, and states are represented from NY to CA and everywhere in between. We’re confident we have a pretty accurate picture of the average manufactured home retailer follower.

In short, your followers are most likely women, and they probably fall between the ages of 25 and 54. Coincidentally, this is also the age group that is most actively buying new homes.

This means that when you write or post something, make it engaging to that group. Is it something that they’re interested in, or is it something that you’re interested in? It can be hard to step outside of ourselves to write for the engagement of someone else, but that is how you need to approach communicating on social media. Remember, you’re not talking to people like you, you’re talking to people like your buyers.

How to Write an Engaging Home Post

Here’s an example of one of our Facebook posts that performed well (high engagement to impression ratio). This means that a lot of the people saw it (impressions) did something with it (engaged). Engagements are sharing, commenting, tagging friends, clicking links, etc. This is what you want people to do because it means they are interested in your content.

Here’s a few highlights of what we did on this post to make it perform well.

Manufactured housing Facebook post
An example of a well performing Facebook post

1. Disrupt the news feed

There are thousands up thousands of new Facebook posts every day, both from individuals and businesses. Customers are scrolling through them quickly, so you need to make some noise to grab their attention and make them stop scrolling. Do something out of the ordinary that will catch their eye. In our example, we put some party poppers on the top line that are hard to miss.

2. Call them out

You need to call out your user. Don’t assume that they’ll see it and know that you’re speaking to them. If you walked into a crowded, noisy room, you wouldn’t just start talking. You would address those to whom you want to speak, then speak to them. You need to do that same on Facebook because it’s definitely loud and noisy.

3. Use emojis

As juvenile and silly as they may seem, emojis will ALWAYS make a post perform better. We have done countless split tests where we looked at performance of two pieces content in which the ONLY two difference are emojis vs. no emojis, and the content with emojis outperforms every time. Even if you think they’re silly, remember that you’re talking to your buyers, not yourself.

4. Give some details (but not too much)

When we’re posting about a house, we always like to list some features of the house. Nothing overly specific or detailed, but enough to get the customers attention. If there’s not enough, they may not think there’s anything to the house.

However, there is a little trick here. If you know your audience well, leave out something that you think they will think is important. This will make them ask them about it in the comment, and give you a chance to engage with them. And Facebook algorithms LOVE engagement between brands and users.

Oh yeah, and use emojis here too. : )

5. Use GOOD photos

Quality images will make or break a post. The best copy is doesn’t work if the photos aren’t any good. If you don’t have photos, reach out to your manufacturer to see if they have any. Professional stock photos can really help a post pop.

If you absolutely want photos of the home on your lot, reach out to some local wedding photographers to see if they can give you a good price. They need the work now.

6. Tell them what to do

People have a lot being thrown at them, and they need a nudge from brands regarding their next steps. This is called a ‘call to action’, or a CTA. It’s the difference between “We have a great sale today.” and “We have a great sale today. Come down and see us!

In our example, we told Facebook users to message the business to schedule an appointment. You could also tell them to call, visit a landing page, email, etc. It all depends on how you handle your sales leads and business.

Other Post Ideas

Here are some other post ideas that you can use. You don’t want to post the same homes over and over again – people will get bored. Try to include some human element as well.

1. New Customers

2. Homes Moving

3. Videos

4. Highlight Sales People

5. Sales, Promos, etc.


If you need more help, please schedule a call with us. The call and the information we can give are always free. We only work in the manufactured housing industry, and we’re here to ensure that every retailer in the country is successful, no matter the economic climate.

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