Guide to Engaging Manufactured Housing Facebook Posts

Facebook Posting guide for manufactured housing retailers

Getting Started So you’re ready to get active on Facebook. Awesome! 75% of the population has a Facebook account, so you will definitely find manufactured housing buyers there. Social Media is how most modern businesses communicate with their potential customers, so you’re making the right decision by deciding to get more engaged on the platform. […]

Tips for Better Performing Facebook Posts

Facebook Tips for Manufactured Home Retailers

So you’ve got your manufactured home sales center on Facebook. That’s awesome! But…you’re not sure what you need to say and what you need to post. No worries, we’re here to help. Here’s a few tips to help you publish your first posts on social media to get the customers rolling in! Use Professional Images […]

Facebook for the Manufactured Home Retailer

Facebook for the manufactured home retailer

You’ve heard about it, you know you should be using it, but what is it, exactly? Here’s our quick guide to Facebook for the manufactured home retailer. What Facebook is a social platform that connects billions of users across the globe. Individuals and businesses can post text, photos, videos, and live videos to the platform, […]