The key to selling more manufactured homes than your competition in 2024

There’s a sales method to ensure you outsell the competition, and it has nothing to do with digital marketing… Here’s the key to outselling your competition in 2024. Are you ready for this? I hope you’re sitting down… It’s people. Human interaction, conversation, and relationships sell homes. Not Facebook. Not Google. And not a fancy […]

Manufactured Home Dealers #1 Competitor

It’s time for a new manufactured housing video! Do you know who your biggest competitor is? Is it the sales center down the road? Or is it a corporate store? Maybe it’s realtors or site built construction? No, it’s someone else. A big business that competes with everyone, with endless resources and a brand recognizable […]

Using Google Business Profile to Boost Local SEO

Google Business Profile Logo

Using Google Business Profile to Boost Local SEO At Your Manufactured Home Dealership Do you want to get more traffic to your sales center’s website, get more leads, and sell more homes? Of course you do! We’re all in this to sell more, right? Watch the video below to see how to optimize your Google […]

New Video – 3 Marketing Tips for a Down Market

It’s time for a new manufactured housing video! Well….we’ve taken the plunge. We’re venturing into the video world. And what better topic to start with than a few quick tips to help you market your homes is a down market? We spend a lot of time talking to retailers on the phone, and the topic […]

How To Turn Web Leads Into Happy Manufactured Home Owners

Persistence and Patience Are Your Best Friends Do you know how many touch points it takes to make an appointment with a web lead? According to Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM software company, it takes 6-8 touch-points to make an appointment with a new lead. Touch points include emails, phone calls, messages, etc. Basically, they […]

How to create your best Facebook post in 5 easy steps

Woman looking at mobile home dealer social media post

Facebook is still #1… It may be facing some stiff competition in the social media space, but Facebook is still the king of the social media networks. There are over 235 million Facebook users in the US, and that number is growing daily. Some use it a lot, some just a little, but the bottom […]

Manufactured Housing Tips – Is your website helping you sell more?

Looking at mobile home dealer website

According to Shopify, over 60% of consumers prefer to visit a retail store’s website before they visit them in person. This is the same across all demographics – rural and urban, old and young, men and women, etc. Your website is more often than not the first impression your dealership makes with potential buyers, and […]

Do we even need manufactured housing?

Manufactured Home Community

How’s that for a question? Do home buyers even need the product our industry is offering? Yes, the country needs manufactured housing. Now more than ever. Single family home inventories are at all time lows, and prices are at all time highs. And to add a cherry to that affordable housing crisis sundae, rates are […]

Creating a Google Business Profile For Your Mobile Home Dealership

Guide to local seo and google my business for manufactured home dealers

Google Business Profile for the Manufactured Housing Retailer Ready for some more tips to help you reach modern home buyers looking for an affordable alternative to ‘sky high’ site built prices? It’s time to learn about Google Business Profiles. Do you remember the Yellow Pages? If you weren’t in the Yellow Pages in the ’90s, […]

Creating a Superior Customer Experience at your Mobile Home Dealership

Happy mobile home buyers

Great Experiences Make More Money Did you know that customers are willing to pay more for the same product if they have a great experience? In fact, according to a survey from Price Waterhouse Cooper, buyers will spend 16% more for a superior customer experience. That means that consumers will spend more for the same […]